Saturday, December 27, 2008


I'm back, safe and sound! Thanks to everybody who dropped in to have a look. I've been very attentive to my other blog, and haven't posted here at all; I've found that it's hard enough to keep 1 blog going, let alone 2. I don't quite feel ready to pull the plug here, but I don't believe I'll be posting here in the near future. Instead, I'll be regularly updating State of the Art.



jetsonjoe said...

hello Jeff.

Love your blogs, and site...some great work.
Curious , was looking at many of your earlier entries and came across some photos of your studio and easel setup. Really well though out I must say.
However one thing that did catch my eye was a photo of your easel setup...where you had several clip on magnifyers...and this is something I have been looking for...Might you care to let me know where I can get one...the bigger of the two would suit my needs. And or where , what make they are and where one can purchase.
I would love to see more of your studio setup. As I have a small studio I am always looking for ways to maximize space and function.
James Bright
Ottawa, ON

Look forward to your reply.

Jeff Hayes said...

Hi James - Thanks!

I actually don't recall the name of the vendor, and the magnifiers don't have any markings on them. However, I'm pretty sure it was from eBay, so if you search on clip magnifier, you're likely to find some.

Hope that helps,