Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Website upgrade

After painting pretty much non-stop all weekend, I wasn't in too much of a mood to hold a brush. So, to clear my head of turpentine fumes, I spent the last 2 days updating my website (and some other business-related drudgeries).

I'd let the site virtually stagnate for the better part of a year, and hadn't even checked up on it all that often. When I did, the design just struck me as kind of tired. It also didn't really put my best foot forward, since the painting I do now is quite a bit different (mostly better, I prefer to think) than what I did a year ago.

That's hopefully all fixed now. It's got a totally new design that I'm pretty happy with, and showcases all my latest pieces: www.JeffHayes.com

Back to painting tomorrow.


Andy said...

The Site looks great Jeff and really does show how beautiful your paintings are. Excellent.

Jeff Hayes said...

Thanks Andy! Glad you like it.