Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Spam... the other white meat...

I've had my email addresses out there for a long time, so on a typical day I get between 300 and 500 messages. Almost all spam, of course. The filters take care of the vast majority, but a couple slip through. Every now and then I read one, just for fun. This gem today was trying to get me to shell out $300 a month for SEO services:

I am trying to contact the owner of jeffhayes.com.

Anyway I specialize in getting sites listed at the top of Google in organic listings. Since you already do some type of advertising in AltaVista, I know you need to get more placement in Google. I was wondering if you could get back with me as soon as possible. I look forward to working with jeffhayes.com.

In today's Internet Economy everything is about performance. I know I can help drive traffic to jeffhayes.com and lots of it.

After the first month, it is only $300 month. That's all there is to it. I hope that sounds good to you. I look forward to hearing some kind of response.

Yup... Nothing inspires confidence like choppy grammar. Always get a 4th grader to write your advertising copy...

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