Thursday, August 7, 2008

More underpaintings...

In progress: waterglass, blue plate, red peppers

I realized yesterday I was running out of completed underpaintings. That isn't good planning, so I'm spending the rest of the week working on new ones - hopefully they'll be ready to work on starting next week.

I've been vacillating between using full-color underpaintings (color wash), and the monochromatic flavor (grisaille). I honestly haven't made my mind up which is better, or easier. Having been working mostly with color washes for the last month, I will say that I've been disappointed: it has been difficult to get the body I've wanted in the areas of transparent pigment. So this week, I'm back to using grisaille.

Flexibility is good.

Oh - I'm also keeping a photographic record of the progress of these paintings, so I'll be able to make more videos. I'm not going to make separate vids of just the underpainting; I'll wait until the whole thing is done and then compile them into the short movies.


Katherine said...

Your movies are marvelous, your paintings exquisite.
So, you do lots of paintings at the same time, I should try that. I get stuck on one, and then become paralysed. Why did I think I couldn't have more than one on the go?
... Thanks for all the tips, Jeff!
Oh, your technorati list hasn't me on it.

Jeff Hayes said...

Thanks Katherine; having multiple paintings in progress of course makes it a little more confusing, but it works very well with me. I have a short attention span, and get bored really fast. When that starts to happen, it's good to have other paintings to switch to right away.

And yes, I did see and include your mention in the contest - thanks for entering!

dkvision said...

I apologize in advance if you have answered this question somewhere else. I am getting caught up on reading your blogs. When you have a bunch of underpaintings done do you also have all of the still lfes sitting around for all of those paintings? Or do you work from photos from that point?