Thursday, July 10, 2008

Slow going

In progress: Olive Oil and Red Apple

After a couple days working on other paintings, I got back to this one today. I'm having trouble with it, and it's really slow going. It probably doesn't help that I'm not even sure if I like it yet.

I don't have any doubts about whether this is the right style of painting for me; it is the direction I should be following at this point. If I do worry about anything, though, it's the time it takes me to complete paintings now. I used to work fast - really fast - cranking out paintings in a few hours - sometimes even big ones. There are artists who do marvelous work at that speed, but I realized I'm cut from a different cloth. I'm much more satisfied with my artwork now, but the output has slowed dramatically.

And so, with good discipline, I can produce an average of 2 of these paintings every week. Lately I've thought it might be nice to do a series of tiny pieces, just to have the satisfaction of completing one in a single day. I'm thinking like in the 2x2 inch range - same style, same standards, just really, really small. Yes, back to a painting a day... It could be a healthy change of pace.

Meanwhile, the Marmalade Jar painting I posted in-progress images of last week is up on eBay. For information, click here.

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