Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ongoing studio rehab

A couple years ago I decided my studio should have really dark walls; deep chocolate brown, matte. The thinking was that this would make it a lot easier to control light by minimizing unwanted reflections. It had the intended effect, but it was also like being in a cave. I actually do like small intimate spaces, but this just ended up feeling claustrophobic and depressing.

It finally got to me.

So I spent a few hours today starting the job. Since the current paint is so dark, I'm putting up primer, just to be sure. I haven't yet decided on the final color I'll use; something lighter (of course) and neutral.

I'm not doing it all at once, either... just a few hours at a time, here and there. I've done a couple of these kinds of big studio jobs straight through in the past, and the result was I went as much as a week without producing any new pieces. I'll be looking at tacky priming for a while, but at least I'll be painting... the real painting, that is.

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