Monday, July 7, 2008


What I don't know about marketing, including internet marketing, would fill a pretty large textbook on the subject. There's also the question of time to devote to the task; it could pretty much be a full-time job in itself, even for very small businesses like mine. Nevertheless, I do keep stabbing in the dark, hoping to move 3 steps forward for every 2 back. It's naive to think I can just sit in front of my easel and paint.

Ideally, I'd love to spend some quality time getting a good, cohesive graphic design going across my blogs and static website, as well as a great logo and header graphic to use on my other sites, like my eBay store and my squidoo page. Again, the time thing, and I'm no graphic design guru either.

I have, however, been playing around with producing a favicon (it's the tiny icon that most professional websites have - it sits in the address bar of the browser directly to the left of the URL), and get some consistent branding going. The first pass at it is above - large, and then actual size (the standard is 16x16 pixels!). For now I'm just going with my last initial, which is... guess? It's not quite ready to put out on my sites, and it will probably be re-done when I have something like a consistent design, but it's a step in the right direction.

Painting a day: Knife, Wineglass, and Peeled Lemon

I posted this new painting up to my store as well today; click on the image for more info. There's also a brief discussion about it here.


Katherine Tyrrell said...

Now for the 'how I did this post' and 'how I got it onto my Blogger blog' Jeff. Let me know when you've done it - this one had me defeated and I'm on the look out for somebody who's already worked it out!

Nice title for the blog BTW - I'll be mentioning it in my post next Sunday.

Jeff Hayes said...

Hi Katherine - I will let you now how it goes. The sites I saw from a 30-second google search indicated it *could* be done on blogger, but I also noticed they were all over a year old. I can't definitively say it's possible; google/blogger may have changed things around.