Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bits & Pieces

In Progress

Despite being Sunday, I carved out a few hours to continue working on this piece, and made some headway. It is going to be finished tomorrow... it is.

Sackler Museum
A friend and I decided to go to the Sackler Museum at Harvard yesterday afternoon. Years ago I lived around the corner from it, and went almost every month; really nice collection of Eastern art & artifacts; Byzantium to Japan.

We got there and the sign on the door said it was closed until August. Real let-down. Of course I'd glanced at the website before leaving. When I got home and checked again, I found this information was in fact there, buried several clicks down. Seems like the kinda thing you'd put right on the home page.

Anyway, it was a good excuse to wonder around Cambridge for the afternoon instead; maybe we'll try the museum again next month.

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