Friday, June 27, 2008


I just couldn't pull it together and get a lot of work done today... too many distractions, and I was frankly kinda lazy too. All I managed to get done was the top portion of the marmalade in the jar. There are a lot of air bubbles in the mixture, which I thought would be annoying to paint - turns out they're kinda fun... almost meditative.

One drawback of working with underpaintings is that the surface occassionally dries to a nearly enamal-like finish. This makes it very difficult to apply the next layer of paint - it can bead up almost like rain on a windshield. The answer is to apply retouch varnish, preferably before starting on the final layer. Otherwise, I have to stop midstream, apply retouch, and wait for it to dry before proceeding. Like today, for instance...

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