Thursday, June 26, 2008

I blame the dog

After spending the first part of the week doing drawings and underpaintings, I thought I'd better spend some time working on the final painting stage for one or two pieces.

I did, sort of...

We have a very old Great Dane, who coincidentally turns 11 today (average G.D. lifespan is 6 years). He's been pretty sick lately, and today he interrupted me every 10 minutes or so with a barking fit. Mostly just bitching and moaning, I think, but I had to go check up on him anyway. I have a moderate case of ADD, and whenever there's an interruption, it takes 15 minutes to re-establish my focus. You can see the problem.

I'm not really sure how I go about setting a day's goal, as it usually never works out that way. I had thought I'd like to complete this painting today. I was at least able to complete the paper wrapper on the lid.

Small victories... small victories...

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