Thursday, June 26, 2008

2 object composition

I actually did manage to finish off that second underpainting for the day - see above.

For a long while, I've been primarily doing grisaille underpaintings; all gray. Lately I've been returning to color washes; underpaintings in very thin layers of full color. I originally learned this when I studied with Dennis Cheaney. At first, it seemed like a waste of time, and I only used it in class. Recently, though, I'm seeing it as almost a rehersal to the final painting. Interestingly, I also find it doesn't take any more time than a completely gray scale version would.

Looking at my current works in progress, I just realized I have a number of paintings that have 2 objects in them. Ironically, it seems more difficult to make a satisfying composition with 2 objects than with 3 or even more. Not entirely sure why, probably easier to create balance and counterpoint with more objects. Anyway, of these, I'm thinking this one seems to have the best composition.

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